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Project owner:
Air Tahiti company


Project manager's mission:
Conception / réalisation / coordination / interior design and collaboration with Majorelle's office



915 219 468 Fcp
7 700 000 Euros


From November 99 to 30 March 2001 (16 months)

Air Tahiti is a very important company in the Polynesian landscape not only for its number of employees (900 people) but especially for its function which ensures the unity of French Polynesia by its regular connections between the different islands. It is at the same time anchored in the traditional landscape, (of the population of distant archipelagos) but also resolutely turned towards the future by the high technology that it uses. The former offices were scattered several kilometers away, the purpose of the project was to bring all these services in a friendly place that would promote meetings. The acquired land adjoins the airport and becomes an extension of the airport hub.

The building was located at the limit of the site along the belt thus to be open to the airport through a tropical garden. The different services are connected by a central core an spaces for relaxation and contact. All offices are landscaped which is very innovative in Tahiti and engaged the staff to another approach to the working atmosphere.

The facade materials used are both natural (Moorea stone / wood) but also contemporary (parklex / aluminum joinery / bolon / modular partition) to reflect the duality "past / future" of this company. Thus he curves of the sub-forgets and sun-breaking supports take on the shapes of the ribs of the airplane wings.

The construction of this building has made it possible to connect the airport area to the city of Faaa by setting up pedestrian links. The road side has been preserved to offer a commercial facade open to the city of Faaa and allow a connection of the building to the city. Thus, the large basement parking space allows vehicles to be housed as well as the air parking which disengages the airport's parking.


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