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Project owner:
French government


Project manager's mission/
Conception / realisation / interior design



850 000 000Fcp
700 000 000 Euros



Designing an administrative building for the state in French Polynesia is first of all responding to the priority given to the fight against climate change while considering the living conditions of those who will work on it and will have to accept a number of behaviors to support this environmental approach.

In many ways, this building is emblematic:

  • The representativeness of the state in Polynesia but also in the Pacific,

  • Strategic location along Pouvanaa Oopa avenue near the Presidency,

  • An environmental quality approach as the owner's will,

  • The proximity of the park around the Presidency which is the only green space in the city center and which can make it possible to design a new generation of office building in French Polynesia.


The building follows a linear pattern along Pouvanaa Oopa avenue and established a link between the vegetal on the Presidency and the urban on the Avenue side.

Its volume in 3 and 4 levels set-back naturally extends the two existing buildings while displaying a strong modernity.


The west facade is covered with a spider mesh stainless steel sheet that protects from the sunset while maintaining transparency to benefit from natural light and the view.

The central entrance, marked by a veil covered with basalt stone, seals the durability of the structure.


Vertical sun breezes protect from the rising sun. The eastern facade is entirely vegetated to extend the remarkable garden around.


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