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Project owner:
SA Societyof Marquisas Island's Hotels - Hiva Oa


Project manager's mission:
Conception / realisation / interior design


300 000 000 CFP
2 500 000 Euros


From September 98 to October 99

The hotel was built on a hillside, on two platforms overlooking Tahauku Bay on the island of Hiva oa.

First hotel 3rd rank realized in the framework of tourism development of Marquesas Islands. The hotel include 14 bungalows "pavilion type" for a perfect integration with the environment.

The bungalows are situated on the lowest platform and all public areas which represent the largest volume, are in the highest platform overlooking all, so as to open the bay view and offer a plunging view of the sea upon the arrival at the hotel. This effect is underlined by a infinity pool which ensure the visual continuity.

The different volumes were covered by wood shingles and all the works were made from native materials from Marquesas Islands (wood, stone and river pebbles, woven bamboo).

Local craftsmen participated in the general embellishment and decoration such as the sculptures on the bungalows columns facades, various interior decorative panels, volcanic stone carving and realization of tapas*.

​The construction lasted 13 months, the hotel is open since October 99.

* Tapas: traditional designs on beaten wood bark.


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