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The Pierre-Jean Picart Architecte agency is today the culmination of a long series of large-scale projects. Open since 1994, the agency is located in Papeete, capital of French Polynesia, it consist of a dynamic and complementary team. We have built schools, hotels, private residences, industrial buildings, collective housing, office and commercial buildings.


The architecture of the Pierre-Jean Picart agency is recognized as innovative for sustainable architecture, by all the means it uses to integrate into its environment. The search for energy savings thanks to a bio-climatic design as well as the valorization of renewable and local materials make that our projects integrate with harmony and respect in the landscape thus allowing to preserve the identity of the places and its context value.


The experience has enabled the agency to obtain real know-how in the field of tropical architecture, more particularly in the hotel sector. In fact, the agency has more than a dozen internationally renowned hotel projects to its credit.


Today the Pierre-Jean Picart Architecte agency is complemented by the Atoll architecture agency which is specialize in the field of construction,managing and site monitoring. The complementary skills of the two partners make it possible to offer a complete service in project management, whether architectural, technical or financial.

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