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The hotel was built on a hillside, on 2 plateaus overlooking the Tahauku bay on the island of Hiva oa.


First 3rd category hotel built within the framework of the tourist development of the Marquesas Islands, including 14 bungalows of "pavilion type" for a perfect integration into the environment.


The bungalows are located on the lowest platform, and all of the common areas representing the largest volume overhang the whole so as to open the view of the bay and offer a plunging perspective on the sea upon arrival in the hotel. Effect emphasized by the integration of an infinity pool at the bottom of the perspective to ensure visual continuity.


The different volumes were covered with wooden shingles and all the works were made from materials specific to the Marquesas Islands (wood, river stones and pebbles, braided bamboo).


Local artisans participated in the general decoration, sculptures on the front posts of the bungalows, various interior decorative panels, sculpture on volcanic stone and creation of tapas *.


The construction lasted 13 months, the hotel has been open since October 1999.


* Tapas: traditional designs on beaten wood bark.

SA Société Hotelière des Iles Marquises - Hiva Oa


Project management mission:
Design / production / decoration


Amount of works:
300,000,000 CFP
2,500,000 Euros


Work deadlines:
From September 98 to October 99


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