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Tahiti Beachcomber SA


Project management mission:
Interior designer


Amount of works:
700,000,000 CFP
5,900,000 Euros


Work deadlines:
From August 2009 to June 2010


Another flagship of luxury hotels, the Intercontinental Resort & Spa Moorea was one of the first large hotels built on the Moorea island. The project entrusted to us was the renovation and refurbishment of the 50 existing overwater bungalows and the 27 existing beach bungalows.


The exterior of the bungalows has not been modified, however, the interior layout has been completely redesigned to open up the spaces and recreate a living and relaxing space on a more streamlined concept while remaining within the image of the hotel chain.


The integration of large sliding panels to create a living space and to open the bathroom on the bedroom and the installation of interior glazing in the bathroom to improve the brightness were done. The furniture has therefore been completely redesigned and the interior trim updated.


At the same time, the hotel swimming pool and its terrace were renovated and we participated in the creation of a spa.


The current program is the reorganization of the offices, the shop, and the hotel bar.

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