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SA Société Hotelière des Iles Marquisess - Nuku Hiva


Project management mission:
Design / production / decoration


Amount of works:
320,000,000 CFP
2,700,000 Euros


Work deadlines:
From September 98 to October 99

Another island in the Marquesas Archipelago, for another hotel project comprising 20 bungalows, the Nuku Hiva Pearl Lodge overlooks the bay and the village of Taihoae.


Here the common areas were built in the lower part of the hillside and the visitor is led to discover the bungalows by sinking into the vegetation and climbing towards the top of the site.


Thus, each pavilion is perfectly hidden in the existing vegetation preserved to the maximum and is embellished with a private view of the bay.


As for the Hiva oa Pearl Lodge, the different volumes were covered with wooden shingles and all the works were made from materials specific to the Marquesas Islands (wood, stones and river pebbles, woven bamboo), and local craftsmen also participated in the general decoration, sculptures on the front posts of the bungalows, various interior decorative panels, sculpture on volcanic stone and creation of tapas*. 


This hotel was built at the same time as that of Hiva oa over a period of 13 months.

* Tapas: traditional designs on beaten wood bark.


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