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SA Manihi Pearl Beach Resort


Project management mission:
Design / production / decoration


Works :
41 bungalows in 3 sections


Amount of works:
900,000,000 CFP
7,500,000 Euros


Work deadlines:
Tranches 95/96: from April 95 to February 96
Tranche 97: from January 97 to September 97

The Manihi Pearl Beach Resort was built on the site of the Kaina village hotel, the one and only hotel on this atoll.


The realization of this hotel was the starting point of the concept of the chain of Pearl Beach Resort, the basic spirit of 'Pearls'': indirect light work and the clarity of the atmosphere, especially in the choice of woods species and sober materials. The union between the Polynesian tradition and the international standards of the hospitality industry.


Inspired by vernacular housing and updated with a contemporary design, the spaces are open and the atmospheres are warm and friendly.


The bungalows were arranged in two branches from the islets already made. They are positioned on the edge of the drop-off near the lagoon and therefore at the limit of the fringe of the coral blocks. The bungalows are oriented according to the coral blocks so that they do not disturb the ecosystem and the impression of staying in a natural aquarium is magnified.


The opening of the bathroom on the room allows a better reading of volume and approaches lifestyle's of old "fare".


Natural light was filtered by sand-blasted windows and the accent was put on the light reflected by the lagoon which is captured by the openings allowing to iridesiate the atmosphere of a colorful and dancing green lagoon light. 


The contrast between the monochrome of the exterior woods (eucalyptus / rosawa / kaori), the sobriety of the fabrics used and the colors of the lagoon with powerful tones, gives a feeling of rest (shade and freshness).

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