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SA Tahaa Pearl Beach Resort


Project management mission:
Design / production / decoration


Amount of works:
2,500,000,000 CFP
20,900,000 Euros


Work deadlines:
From 01/06/2001 to 16/10/2002 with a partial opening of the hotel in July 2002

This hotel is the latest addition to the Pearl Beach hotels, located on Motu Tautau in TAHAA, it opened in July 2002.


The site is exceptional, white sandbank as far as the eye can see, a natural pass ('' Hoa en Tahitien '') runs along the islet of a rare underwater wealth, and some views of the hotel are oriented on the island of Bora-Bora.


The bias for this luxury hotel has been to deal with and around the existing vegetation. Thus, the main building revolves around a preserved tree in a central patio in which a staircase made of aaito wood winds.


The whole is nestled in the heart of the vegetation like a stranded ship. Access to the upper floor offers exceptional views from the canopy to the lagoon. Some platforms in the trees accentuate this feeling of floating above a plant sea.


The bungalows were worked in precious woods, two types of wood were associated, one clear on the floor and wall, the other darker for the furniture. The theme developed is that of the boat and the wave both in its Polynesian tradition and in a more current design.


The frames are particularly worked decorated with Polynesian links and details, in particular the reception frame which takes the form of the old canoe hangars.









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