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Tahiti Beachcomber SA


Project management mission:
Design / production / decoration

Amount of works:
6,000,000,000 Fcp
50,000,000 Euros


Work deadlines:
Early 2008 to early 2012

Located about fifty kilometers from Tahiti, The Brando hotel is an avant-garde paradise haven where harmony, luxury, authenticity and respect for the environment are combined. The luxury resort is located on the fully privatized island of Tetiaroa and has 35 villas on its surroundings.

According to the will of Marlon Brando and project's owner, this corner of paradise ahead of its time through innovative technologies allows visitors and scientists to live almost independently in a luxurious environment. The resort operates almost entirely on renewable energies through the use of solar panels and biofuel. In addition, the pioneering air conditioned system by seawater significantly reduces the energy needs of the complex.


The Brando resort draws its architectural references from Polynesian traditions and way of life.​


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